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SCIENG provides executive business management experience in the areas of engineering, construction and supply chain optimisation and management. SCIENG has extensive experience in capital projects and a wide variety of contracting models including incentive based D&C, Program Management, ETIs, ECIs, DBO, and DBFO/BOOT projects.

As transaction managers and commercial advisers SCIENG's people are skilled in contract risk management and commercial negotiations. They have a strong background as senior executives in large multinational companies overseeing financial performance and contracts with commercial scale and complexity.

Governance and Oversight


Advisory Services

SCIENG provides advisory services to the engineering industry with expertise spanning the entire capital investment lifecycle. SCIENG assists clients navigate change in order to capitalise on opportunities that drive efficiency in their capital planning and delivery.


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Chris Bulloch

M.Eng (Civil) M.Eng (EnvEng) M.Eng (Mgt) IChemE

Chris brings over 28 years of strategic business management experience. Chris has held several project director and senior governance positions on contracts with values of up to $1.8 billion. He brings experience from almost $5 billion worth of major infrastructure projects over the last seven years alone. Chris’ unrelenting drive for success is recognised by peers and clients, as is his well-proven governance track record in his capacity as a Senior Executive.


His expertise spans the entire asset investment lifecycle and he specialises in assisting clients navigate through change in order to capitalise on opportunities that drive efficiency in their capital planning and delivery management. Chris was pivotal in the establishment of “customer-led” infrastructure decision making in his role as a client leadership executive. He has developed and steered the creation of a culture where all asset development was an opportunity for innovation and productivity growth through a dynamic Delivery Contractor community which was centered on customers and risk management. 


Chris has developed models that specifically target opportunities in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure investment prioritisation

  • Procurement and commercial models that align with corporate objectives

  • Benchmarking processes that accelerate supply chain engagement 

  • Operational and policy decision frameworks that assist in investment decision making

  • Investment and risk assessment frameworks that drive efficient capital  Funding options for infrastructure 

  • Governance and oversight assessment frameworks


SCIENG works with its clients to identify their corporate goals and specific objectives relevant to their capital expenditure programs. SCIENG works closely with their clients to develop the ‘best value’ strategy to deliver their projects whilst satisfying their business needs. SCIENG has developed innovative concepts that has driven significant efficiencies. Some examples include:

  • Supply chain efficiencies - segmenting contractors and key suppliers into self-perform categories aimed at rightsizing and achieving best value.

  • Procurement Hubs - the creation of "intelligent hubs" aimed at providing valuable spend analytics and user friendly ways to submit proposals through streamlined processes.

  • Deep Dive Review Processes - the implementation of project and portfolio performance assessment analytics that feed smart corporate reporting frameworks.

  • Early Contracting Frameworks - portfolio risk management, pipeline reviews and value engineering through ECI frameworks.